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“Soft Skills Workshop”

“Soft Skills Workshop”

will be organized by the Computer Engineering Department with the contribution of presenters from distinguished institutions involved in the TechWomen program. Workshop is open for those who are interested in this topic.

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3rd International Turkic World Tourism Symposium

Dear academicians and Tourism sector representatives,

With tourism developing so fast worldwide, every year we have new directions on focus. Therefore, lands of Turkish world with rich cultural heritage and untouched nature are still awaiting the discovery. However, the scientific meetings, where this topic could be discussed are scarce in these countries. In 2015 the first international symposium on tourism of Turkish countries was held by Tourism Faculty of Kastamonu University. Second symposium took place in 2016 at the University of International Affairs and Business Career of Kazakhstan. 3rd symposium will be organized by School of Tourism and Hotel Management in the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University.

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Strengthening academic relationship between Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas and Iwate University, Japan...

The graduate students of the Department of Computer Engineering, Gulida Kimsanova and Nakylai Taiirova have shared impressions after education in 2014-2015 fall term exchange program in Iwate University, Japan. The exchange program between Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas and Iwate University is based on friendly cooperation between prof. Ulan Brimkulov and prof.Kyu Yoshimori to strengthen scientific and cultural outlook of the Engineering Faculty students of Kyrghyz-Turkish University Manas.
Japanese teaching methods and academic ideas, particularly student-teacher interconnections during lectures and holidays, laboratory researches and the training of future specialists have positively affected the exchange students’ both personal and professional outlook. As well as the exchange program has promoted to strengthen better relationship between Kyrghyz-Turkish University Manas and Iwate University.

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“Here and Now” Training...

Dear Students!

The center for students' development and counseling invites you for the training which is called

“Here and Now”

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Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas Üniversity Central Asian Research Center (ORASAM) and Kyrgyz Republic State Commission for Religious Affairs (SCRA) will hold international conference on “Peace and Religion in Central Asia” on 24-26 October, 2014.